December 5, 2022
Ukrainian cops stroll amongst crosses in a woodland on the outskirts of Izyum. September 16, 2022.

That’s, in some methods, the right exercise of “warfare correspondent” anyone has ever had. No particular person is taking photos at me. I’m no longer wearing a flack jacket, snoozing on a cot, or feeling the concussive thump as artillery strikes the underside nearby. The one threats I get arrive via e-mail. The true correspondents, the one that deserve every phrase of reward and limitless appreciation, are those that’ve already given their lives so that the sector could be educated regarding the injustice of the unprovoked, illegal invasion of Ukraine, and regarding the decided resistance of the Ukrainian people.


This week didn’t merely mark a day of remembrance for those reporters misplaced in reporting this warfare, it provided the grimmest of reminders about why Russia ought to be defeated. And it did so not directly that, even for armchair reporters over 5,000 miles away, was very tough to take.

As Ukraine made its sweeping counteroffensive all through Kharkiv Oblast over the previous week, it liberated over 8,500 sq. kilometers and over 350 cities, cities, and villages from Russian profession. And in merely the previous couple of days, as that darkness was stripped away, we’ve begun to get a glimpse of what was happening behind the doorway strains.

This isn’t the first time. When Russia’s attempt to seize Kyiv collapsed initially of April, every step Ukrainian forces took into the world that Russia had occupied gave the impression to expose a current set of atrocities. No place appeared further emblematic of the horrors Russia had devoted than Bucha, the place a mass grave containing over 450 our our bodies, our our bodies that illustrated cruelty along with torture, rape, murder, and dismemberment. Higher than twenty our our bodies lay throughout the streets of Bucha for weeks with not one of the Russian forces making a switch to bury them. A number of of those our our bodies have been run over a few cases via Russian vehicles. Along with tanks.

Bucha wasn’t on my own. As Russian forces moved once more in the direction of the border, the same story was found at every what have been bustling cities and in tiny villages. Torture chambers and mass graves. The our our bodies of these which were shot. The our our bodies of these which were tortured. The our our bodies of these which were beheaded. The our our bodies of youngsters burned on a playground.

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It wasn’t so much an profession as a rolling massacre. It’s presumably what could possibly be anticipated from the navy of a rustic the place the chief has spent a very long time delegitimizing the neighboring nation and dehumanizing its voters.

Most probably the worst issue about Bucha was this: Russia handiest held city for decrease than a month. For various areas, that profession clock has now been ticking for six months, or longer. 

Regarding Izyum, Russian forces reached city throughout the third week of March. Now that Ukrainian forces have pushed Russia away from city, what’s being printed is a complete new set of horrors.


These weren’t statistics on Vladimir Putin’s chessboard. They’ve been males, women, and children. They’ve been people’s family and friends.  They’ve been people similar to the Stolpakov family, who in the mean time are all ineffective. Their our our bodies have been all piled together in that mass grave at Izyum. Those youngsters opened their gadgets at Christmas. They didn’t perceive it may be their remaining Christmas. Check out that little lady maintaining a peace sign. That’s the true worth of this warfare.

That’s the good warfare correspondent exercise anyone ever had. Nonetheless from time to time it nonetheless seems laborious. There are motion pictures accessible out there showing in graphic aspect the our our bodies being uncovered at Izyum. Motion pictures that don’t appear to be so neatly and tastefully executed as a result of the BBC clip above. I encourage you no longer to watch them.

Nonetheless it’s fairly laborious to not think about what has happened in cities like Kherson, Melitopol, Nova Kakhovka, and Mariupol. It’s more durable now to not think about what’s nonetheless happening there. In the mean time. These days.

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It’s no longer merely vitally important for all of the worldwide that these bastards be overwhelmed. It’s important that it happen as briefly as conceivable. For your entire Stolpakov households who’re left.

What variety of places can Ukraine cross the Oskil River to push into the world Russia was seeking to grasp because the model new entrance line? Plainly Ukraine can cross the place there’s a bridge. And the place there isn’t a bridge. And as regards to anyplace it needs.

Research on Friday and Saturday level out that Ukrainian forces have captured {the japanese} aspect of Kupyansk, and crossed the river in drive at Dvorichna along with spherical Borova. It seems all of these actions have happened with considerably little resistance and it’s unclear at this stage how a good distance Ukrainian troops have unfold out from these crossing points.

Lyman home now the biggest home of battle throughout the invasion

Alternatively, stopping spherical Lyman has been known as “extraordinarily intense” and even “the fiercest alternate of the warfare.” Ukrainian forces have liberated the cities of Studenok and Sosnove on the west end of this new line, nevertheless in the mean time are reportedly engaged at Rubtsi, Krymky, and Oleksandrivka. If Ukraine can push Russian forces once more from these positions, they’ll be increased configured to return again at Lyman from a few sides—which is solely what allowed Russia to grab city throughout the first place.

Ukrainian forces south of city are in a regional park with heavy woodland and rugged terrain. This may sound like a spot with good cover, nonetheless it’s moreover reportedly a very tough place from which to advance on the city. So presently Russian forces, reportedly bolstered via 3 battalion tactical groups beforehand in Izyum, had been able to remain Ukraine from taking city. Either side are reportedly struggling very heavy casualties throughout the ongoing battle.

Ukraine may need forces to move in from the west, or to return again down from a sort of river crossing positions on the north, to in the long run end this disagreement. Then once more, Ukraine’s progress in taking photos those locations on the west and the suburbs instantly south of Lyman has been confirmed. (There’s not something delicate about this video. I don’t know why it’s marked that method.)

Saturday, Sep 17, 2022 · 5:54:21 PM +00:00

Mark Sumner

Ukraine doesn’t however have any Leopard tanks, and there’s been no announcement that Leopards are on their method. Then once more …

Spain handiest has Leopard 2 and Leopard 2E tanks. 54 of those Leopard 2s are listed as “in reserve.” Seems like they could do that in Ukraine.

Saturday, Sep 17, 2022 · 5:58:01 PM +00:00

Mark Sumner

Russian forces are reportedly building a bridge inside the home of the Kakhovka dam. Nonetheless what’s attention-grabbing is that these aren’t being described as present strains, nevertheless “retreat routes.”


Saturday, Sep 17, 2022 · 6:01:11 PM +00:00

Mark Sumner

I’m no longer considerably going to put a big breaking banner on one of the best of this (though I roughly merely did), nevertheless tales are coming in that Russian forces are transferring once more from Lyman. And no longer merely Lyman, nevertheless all points alongside that southern entrance.

No idea what’s up however, if it’s a retreat, strategic withdrawal, or exact repositioning. Nonetheless there are Telegram tales from as regards to every location reporting that Russian forces have moved once more a kilometer or further.

Maintain tuned.

Saturday, Sep 17, 2022 · 6:50:31 PM +00:00

Mark Sumner

All day prolonged tales of heavy machinegun fireside throughout the city of Kherson had been coming in from a few areas. 

How that’s conceivable? Is it Ukrainian partisans rising up from throughout the city? Is it the apparently invisible Ukrainian troops who made it to Sofiivka and surprised all people? Is it Russian forces turning on each completely different and Kadyrov’s Chechens and Wagner Workforce becoming cannibalistic tribes? I have no idea.

Nonetheless one factor shocking is certainly happening in Kherson.

Saturday, Sep 17, 2022 · 7:26:15 PM +00:00

Mark Sumner

Russian Telegram channels doc that “males who resisted Russian security” had been eradicated in Kherson. Combating reportedly began near the educate station, then unfold to the central trade home.

No further details have popped up. Unclear if that’s really over.